With humanity's recent efforts to colonize new worlds, resources have become even more scarce. New colonies have been established on nearby planets, but have minimal resources to sustain life. Science and exploration teams have located protoplanets and massive swaths of asteroid belts that contain the necessary water and materials for survival.

You have been tasked with constructing mining facilities to harvest these vital resources and defend your facilities at all costs. Since venturing deeper into the vast unknown, we have encountered several sentient lifeforms that have begun to strike back and steal the resources we require.

Hold strong and protect your facilities from these Unearthing Invasions! Humanity depends on YOU!

Available now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Faction: Threxzin

The Threxzin

Architects of unstoppable blades forged from the fires of advanced technology. Their mastery over enhanced metals ensures blades that cut through the void with unyielding precision. Do not underestimate their might, for even in the absence of extensive weaponry research, they remain a force to be reckoned with.

The Xiacch

Masters of metallic deception and destruction. With technology akin to the Threxzin's, they possess the uncanny ability to dismantle themselves mid-flight, slipping past even the most fortified defenses. Armed with a formidable arsenal and a penchant for chaos, they strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose them.

Brixal Drone

Faction: Threxzin

The Ezunnal

Architects of aerial dominance through unmatched stealth and sheer speed. Their mastery over magnetizing technologies provides impenetrable shields, while their invisibility research shrouds them in secrecy. Though their weapons may lack brute force, their unmatched speed and precision render defenses obsolete in the blink of an eye.

The Phozerz

Little is known of the Phozerz, entities of pure energy that defy comprehension. They feed on the very essence of power, draining our defenses with an insatiable hunger. Beware their elusive nature, for our sensors falter in their presence, leaving us vulnerable to their relentless assault.

Brixal Drone

Faction: Threxzin

The Defectors

Beware the ghosts of our own creation, for the Defectors rise from the ashes of forgotten mining facilities. Once loyal drones, now corrupted by raw energy, they roam with malicious intent. Immune to even our most advanced sensors, they stalk our installations with relentless determination, a stark reminder of the perils that lurk within the void.